Webhook Settings does not include more fields

I am using webhooks for my app. I have added webhook event for create meeting and while recieving create meeting request, in the request object there is an object called settings and in that settings I only recieve two properties and nothing more.

        "topic":"Test fields",

But I need the custom keys properties to be shared in settings during webhook request.

Is there anything can be done for that?

@usertestdelete92 Hope you will be fine.

:point_up_2: You can’t customize the WebHook payload. To get custom_keys you need to build a get request by getting the meeting id from Webhook Payload once webhook trigger is received.

It means we can’t get the custom keys on webhook payload, We can only get it by a get request. Is that Right.

@usertestdelete92 You can submit a feature request to Zoom for that. But for now yes.

@freelancer.nak OK. Thanks

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