API Partner Plan Cust Create Integration Issue



Hi, Wondering if anyone has faced the following issues with api partner cust create account integration with your software.


Below is the scenario:





  1. allows meeting only when host (account owner) initiates
  2. if not, clicking on link gives the message that “the meeting has been ended by the host”
  3. if a concurrent meeting link is clicked (when another meeting in progress)  message: the meeting has problem (error code 7)



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Not sure I understand the problem. How is this related to cust create? Is it an issue with creating a user or a meeting?

Hi, thanks for your response.

The issue is with having concurrent meetings with cust create links. Currently the links for meetings are being created, but are not allowing concurrent meetings to take place. In cust create, I believe the links are user agnostic, so that is not an issue I guess.

I believe I would need more details on how you are creating the meetings. I’m not fully understanding where the problem is.


One user can not host a concurrent meeting. Do you have one user that you are creating all the meetings for?


Can you walk me through a little of how these meetings are being created. Thanks.

Hi, these “cust-create” meetings are being created automatically using REST API integration with my scheduling software, with following features:

  • Creates a pseudo-host account in Zoom
  • Host does not need to verify via email
  • Host cannot login to Zoom directly
  • Schedule meetings only 
  • on your website/app
  • Available API partner only