Issue when a user (not host) tries to join meeting (using Join URL) before the host

I have a scenario -
User 1 (host) creates an instant meeting using the REST API but has not yet joined the meeting.

Another user, User 2 (other than host) tries to join the meeting using the meeting’s Join URL and gets the error “This meeting has been ended by host”.
My expectation is that it should say - “Meeting has not yet started” or the “Meeting should wait for host to join” similar to the Zoom Client, where it says something like - Host has not yet started the meeting, do you like to send a notification to the host.
Why is the error message different here?

Hi @yln99518,

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Can you please provide me with the following information?

  • Did the host start the meeting and then end it previously?
  • Is the host starting the meeting with his PMI?


No, the host just created the meeting but did not start it yet. Another user used the Join URL to join this meeting before the meeting got started.
No, it’s not with PMI, but it was created using the ‘Create a meeting’ REST API.

Hi @yln99518,

can you email the meeting id to, so that we can investigate it further for you?

I’m having the same issue when creating an instant meeting (Type 1).

Are there any tricks to start a meeting instantly through the REST API and having users other than the meeting host join the meeting as soon as it’s been created? I am getting the same error message saying “The meeting has been ended by host” in the same scenario described by yln99518.


Hi @adamwang @yln99518 ,

If the meeting is an instant one, we expect the host to be present in the meeting before the participants. Our instant meeting does not allow users to join before host.

I have taken this as a feedback, and we will display a better response to the participant in the future if he joins an instant meeting before the host.


We have also encountered this same error message so it appears it has not been updated. It would be great if this message was more informative so the users know that they have not missed the meeting. Something closer to: “The host has not yet joined the meeting” or “This meeting has not been started yet.”

Better yet it would be great to have an option to allow participants to join instant meetings before the host does.

Hi @torshdev,

I have already passed this feedback to our Engineering team. The id for this feature request one within our system is ZOOM-97329 . I will update this thread if our Engineering team decides to add this feature.