API Partner Plan vs Education Plan


I find the Edu plan most affordable than the API partner plan for my use cas (private for tutoring).

We plan to buy the Edu plan with 20 host licences, but we may have more than 20 teachers.

Can we imagine that like a real school of 20 classes with 45 teachers working at differents time slots, but never more than 20 teachers at the same time.

In thus case, how to do if I want to assign differents teachers and classrooms dynamically, means a teacher will get an available classroom if there is, if not, the meeting can’t take place.

Note : As we may have a big number of meetings, API partner plan will be very expensive for us.

Thank you

Hi HelpY,

I understand you’re trying to make do with the 20 allotted licenses, the good thing is, our licenses are not locked to a user which would allow you a workaround to achieve what you’re aiming for. You’ll have to do a bit of toggling; when an unlicensed teacher needs a class, you can downgrade a user account that’s currently not hosting a class and upgrade the teachers account who currently needs it. This will allow you to host as many classes as you want with a maximum of 20 at a time.

Hope this helped.


Hi Ammar,

Thanks for this answer…and solution.

Is it possible to do this toggling with API or we must do it manually through Zoom admin panel ?



Hey HelpY,

It’s possible either way, you can choose to manually toggle or you can make an update user API call (user type 1 to downgrade to basic, user type 2 to upgrade to pro).


Dear Friend,

   We are facing same situation, we are trying to develop education platform or like LMS, where we allow different teachers to rent a host from us to use with students also registered with our platform, but non of all of them are our own teachers, so, our role basically is to avail renting zoom host, we like to use also the education plan to make it effective costly especially we are try to use in poor African locations basically, so limitation of the 20 hosts at the same moment is acceptable to us ,

the problem here, we need to get your advice how to use the education plan effectively using the APIs to manage the scheduling and register process till using the host but without loosing the host control fully at any moment by our system,

so, you can add users then make sure about number of attendees, non of non registered users able to use…etc.


Appreciate your advice.