Integrating Zoom in a "private lessons" webapp


I’m building a platform for private 1 - on - 1 lessons.

  • These lessons require to have remote desktop + remote control.

So I thought Zoom would be a perfect tool to integrate.

  • Users can create an account on the website and create a “teacher profile”

  • When a user is a teacher, they can be booked.

After talking to Support, they told me the $14.99 PRO plan was not suitable, since I need to have more rooms at the same time.

Is there still a way to integrate Zoom? I’ve looked at the API plan, but I’m not quite sure if this is suitable (multiple rooms at the same time??)

  • Basically: codementor also has Zoom integration, and I need to do exactly the same.

Thank you for your time.



You would need to have either the API Plan or a license per user. Users can only host one meeting at a time.