API- Sending 50,000 Registrations - Zoom Webinar

We currently have the API between our website and Zoom.

We are moving from another webinar provider to Zoom Webinar and our Web developers are wanting to send all the registrations via the API to Zoom, which is approximately 50,000 webinar registrations.

Before they are sent across via the API, we just wanted to check there will be no negative impact on our account of importing all 50,000+ registrations (**subject to the specified rate limit which they are aware of **) at the same time.

Hi @ollie.weberbrown ,

You can register up to 30 people per batch registration request: Zoom Meeting API

This endpoint has a rate limit of “heavy” which you can read more about here: Rate limits

@ollie.weberbrown Hope you will be fine.

First you must have Bus+ Plan if you need 50k registration requests in /day. Or with Pro+ Plan you can send 30k registration requests /day.

I have already working solution which only need csv file of registrants data and send the requests as per Zoom API rate limit. [REDACTED]

Hi @freelancer.nak ,

Redacted your number as we want to limit certain types of external links, but you are welcome to private message the developer to share your personal info if you’d like to collaborate with them further.

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Thanks for directions.

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