API terms & conditions and storing metadata in local database


We consider using your webinar setup for some onboarding courses for our application. This is the need we have:

  • To show webinar link to users on our online platform, where they are redirected to the zoom registration and can sign up to a course through the Zoom UI.
  • We do not want to show the webinar link to those who have already participated, therefore we want to use a webhook to post or delete user emails to an endpoint in our backend. These user emails will be of the users who signs up or unsubscribe from the webinar, and we want to store them in our database, so that we can make a quick lookup when users enter our platform on whether or not they should get the webinar link
  • We are a signed in service, where our users provide far more information to us than we will ask for in the zoom webinar registration. Therefore, we wonder whether it is okay for us to store this information locally. In the terms and conditions (https://explore.zoom.us/en/legal/zoom-api-license-and-tou/) it says we are prohibited to use the APIs “to scrape, build databases, or otherwise create copies of any data accessed or obtained using the Zoom APIs by your Application.” Our storage of these emails after registrations will for us only provide an enhancement of our user data and whether or not they have attended a webinar. An alternative is to use your apis (get /past_webinars/{webinarId}/participants and get /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants) to check whether or not a user has participated before or is having an upcoming event, but this will require us to loop through all webinars we have had every time a user enters their dashboard (where the zoom webinar link will be placed), and may affect performance of the response of this particular request as well as potential rate limiting issues against your service (can be addressed with caching, but this setup will be more complex compared to the local storage version).

Summed up: Is it okay that we store some metadata information (user email + webinar id) locally to make lookup of participation easier? Looking forward to your reply.