API to check the user rates on a day

As per the API documentation, a meeting host can create, and update, meetings 100 times per day (Rate limits). Is there any Zoom API that can tell us how many requests for creation, and updates, has been done for a meeting host at that point in time for the day ?

I want to call a Zoom API that tell us how many requests a meeting host already have done on the day.

Hi @eduardo.teixeira ,

No you cannot check updates specific to individual hosts. API limits are account-wide across created apps.

Hello Gianni, API limits for this particular case does not seem per account. This documentation… Rate limits … says the Create and Update meeting APIs are per account and per User…

A single user can only make 100 create and update meeting requests per day (UTC). This 24-hour period resets at 00:00 UTC, not the user or account’s local timezone. This rate limit is tracked by the user’s ID and applies to all Meeting IDs they host. However, this rate limit is not shared across an account. For example:

  • A user sends 100 requests to create meetings. On the 101st request to create or update a meeting within a 24 hour period, the attempt fails and the API returns a 429 rate limit error. At 00:00 UTC the user can resume creating or updating meetings.
  • A user sends 50 POST requests to create meetings. The user then sends PATCH requests to update all 50 meetings. Any request after the first 100 requests returns a 429 rate limit error. However, at 00:00 UTC, the user can resume creating and updating meetings.


Hi @eduardo.teixeira ,

This is correct and you can see the following in the response header for each request:

Sorry, I did not understand your reply. What is that we see in the header response ? The header response of the Create Meeting, or Update Meeting, will let us know the user current rating (How many requests the user already sent in the UTC date ?) ?

We are interest of knowing the user (Meeting Host) current rate for the day, so we avoid calling the Create Meeting, or Update Meeting, APIs if the user has already over the daily meeting quota.

Hi @eduardo.teixeira ,

Sorry for the confusion! You are correct that there are user-level rate limits. This is what I was referring to when I said the following:

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 12.07.58 PM

Yes this is the expected behavior.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to check besides calling the endpoint, but when you do, you’ll see it in the response headers:

ah, it looks like when we call the API (Create Meeting or Update Meeeting) it tell us in the header what is the remaining quota…

… But what we want to do is to check the remaining quota before we call the Create Meeting, or Update Meeting, APIs.

Is there any way to do that ? We want to get the Remaining Quota for these two APIs before calling them.

OK , You have replied above there is no other way to check the Remaining rate.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @eduardo.teixeira , yea sorry there isn’t currently another way!