API to customize Greetings, Prompts an Hold Music

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Is there an API to upload Greeting & Hold Music files? We have many customers using Zoom Phone that purchase voice-over recordings and we would like to allow users to upload their messages directly into their Zoom Phone extensions or at the very least, we’d like to have an API for them to upload their greetings and hold music files into the audio library, if possible.

No API for managing greeting, prompt & hold music files

Hi @saul.ives

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Here is the endpoint that will allow you to add audio items to your Zoom phone

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Thanks for sending this over. Will you be adding an api for updating on hold and queue hold music?

Once we are complete with the development, how do we get on the Zoom marketplace do our customers to install the integration?



Hi @saul.ives

Of course! Happy to help!
You can always file a feature request here with your suggestions and recommendations for our APIs

For publishing apps in the marketplace here you have some information about the process

Hope this helps,

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