Get meeting transcript

Hey I have been given a project to create a zoom integration to get the user meeting transcript, I have tried to search what is this information retrieve by the API call and I can not find it, I would like to know what is the endpoint to get it, what is retrieved to get the meeting transcript and is it possible to take that respond and change it to a text using JavaScript ?
Thank you!

@losorio2019 are you trying to get the real-time transcript or just the transcript after the meeting is done?

The transcript after the meeting is done @amanda-recallai

This should help: API to access meeting transcript log information - #2 by gianni.zoom

two more question @amanda-recallai is it possible to access this information using web hooks and what the outputs looks like for the transcript ?

Hi @losorio2019 ,

Yes, use recording.transcript_completed webhook and refer to the recording_files array of objects. It is the same as the one in the Get Meeting Recordings API endpoint.

Thank you @gianni.zoom , also one more questions this transcripts are only available for user with enterprise, businesss or educational level, correct?

No problem @losorio2019 and yes to use that endpoint and complimentary webhook, you need a Business or higher account type.