API unable to create meetings from some accounts



We are finding that some accounts are not able to create appointments through their app.

I have created 2 accounts for testing with identical settings in their apps.

One does not create meetings and show status 404 and uses endpoint /v2/users/{userId}/meetings in the call logs.

The other does work and gives status 200 and endpoint /v2/users/{userId:.+} in its call log.

The only difference I can determine in accounts is that the working account was created with my private email while the non-working one was created with my work email.

Both apps have scopes of View and manage all user meetings and View all user information

Any assistance to resolve this would be appreciated.

Hi @peter.aden ,

Are you attempting to create meetings for yourself or others? While the non-working app may have the correct scopes, can you please verify that your user has the correct role permissions?

For myself.

Both users in the App Marketplace have Admin roles.

The role doesn’t actually show anywhere on my main Zoom account (despite your documentation saying it should), but I do have admin functions such as managing roles etc, so I’m assuming both accounts have admin roles.

I have a number of questions for further clarification?

Is the “main” account user you’re referring to your work or personal user account?

While your work account may be an Admin, with “Role Management” account Owners can customize what Admin means for the account. Can you verify with the Super Admin/Account Owner that you have scheduling privilege?

You used your personal user account to test meeting creation for yourself on both applications?

Where were these applications created? Work or personal account?

Additionally, is the app user-level?

Both accounts are personal accounts. Made in exactly the same way - other than using different email address to sign up.

Both accounts show as admin in the App Marketplace.

Both apps show as ‘Account-level app’

Each account is only testing it’s own app.

I’ve just noticed that the account I made using my work email has Linked accounts: Work Email
Is it possible that using my work email has somehow connected my account to an existing business account? …and if so, how can I check/confirm that?

My role shows as Owner in my account profile.

Does your work company domain have a Zoom account?

The linking could be an issue; can you please unlink?: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360042068932-Linking-accounts-to-an-organization#h_3161ce15-d56a-45f9-a977-48f3c4e98f4e

My company has a single paid account, but it’s only used by the IT department, not a company wide one. This might be a red herring though because I have just had another look at my clients account (who I’m trying to resolve the issue for) and they have a ‘Pro (named host)’ account of which he is the Owner with All rights privilege. He has no other users or linked accounts.

bumping this topic as it’s still outstanding.

Hi @peter.aden ,

Please private message me the full requests/responses, the developer email and client id being used for each API request for each account you’re discussing.


@gianni.zoom Hi do I private message on this platform? I haven’t been able to find any help files on doing this. Is it just a matter of adding your @[name] at the start of the message as I’ve done here?

Just reached out @peter.aden ! You should see a private thread in your messages now.

@gianni.zoom Our developers have now resolved this issue .
Not sure yet what they fixed, but it was something in our API.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks for following up and clarifying there was an internal issue. Hope you’re having a great week!