Scheduling Privileges do not work with Meetings API

Zoom Meeting & User APIs

Unable to create/get/update/delete meetings for another user using the APIs

We have set up a User-Managed OAuth App and have been able to successfully install it for various users within our Organization’s Zoom Account. We can use the Zoom Meeting APIs to create/edit/delete meetings on behalf of each individual user, but we have been unable to successfully do so on behalf of a different user via the Zoom Meeting APIs.

For example, say we have two accounts, my-user and shared-user-1, and both are Licensed users within our Organization’s Zoom Account. We have used the Scheduling Privilege feature to grant my-user permission to schedule meetings on behalf of shared-user-1, and can verify that this is working via the dashboard UI when logged into the my-user account.

However, we are unable to use the Create Meeting or Get Meeting API endpoints to do so.

As my-user, when trying to create a new meeting on behalf of shared-user-1 via the Create Meeting API, we are receiving a 200 “No Permission” response from the API.

As my-user, when fetching an existing meeting that was created by shared-user-1 via the Get Meeting API, we are receiving the same error.

I can verify that the Scheduler Privileges are working as expected via the GET Schedulers API.

Does the Scheduling Privileges functionality not carry over to the Zoom Meeting APIs? Is the only solution for this problem to use an Account-Level OAuth App?

Hi @jantonso ,

Thanks for reaching out. This is expected behavior. If its a user managed token, it will not work with “schedule_for” field. You need to have account level access token to do this operation.