Api v2/whiteboards throwing 401 Unauthorized "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:["whiteboard:write"]"

Hi everyone
i am trying to post request to this end point
and i am getting this error
“code”: 104,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[“whiteboard:write”]”

i am using server to server authentication to get the token and i added already scope whiteboard-write to the server to server app on my marketplace
so what is the problem ?
can u tell me what did i miss ?

Hi @amaa.hamed20
Can you please confirm what endpoint are you trying to call?

hi @elisa.zoom
i mentioned the api in the topic this is the api
and i use server to server auth token
in my server to server auth app
i added whiteboard write scope to it but still does not work

I will send you a private message, please reply there so I can follow up @oyusuf

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i have sent u the details please check

Thanks @oyusuf
Make sure to follow up with me in the private thread

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