API - Verify if a user’s email is registered with Zoom


Using the following API to verify zoom emails.

It finds some emails but doesn’t find other emails. Please, find below the example:

Both accounts exist on zoom and I can login with both accounts. This is happening with many emails.

Sometimes I see people with old zoom accounts are having this issue and any new accounts you create on zoom works fine. Not sure what it means but maybe someone can help me here.


Hey @altagencytesting,

Is the zoom email that is not found a user on your Zoom account in which you created the oauth app?


Yes We created oauth app with user permission


Just to confirm, the email in the first photo that is not found needs to be a user on your account. Is that email listed in your users? You can check here https://zoom.us/account/user

Thanks Tommy, so how can I verify any email on zoom. Is there a API for it? Anyone buying a webinar which we are treating as meeting we would like them to provide their zoom email address so we can check if user account exist on zoom if not they can click the link and create the account directly from zoom.

So which API can allow us to check any email in zoom db?

If you look at this screenshot. I have created a new account on zoom just now. This email doesn’t exist under zoom.us - account - user link.

And when I check it from this page it finds the email just fine. So the API is looking into all zoom accounts. Zoom finds any new signups just fine but when I use any old signup accounts I get the message that the zoom account not found.

This is the case with many emails not just this one. Above are just to give you an example. And I know the above emails have zoom account.

By above email I mean rehan@altagency.co.uk have zoom account but they are old signups. But API can’t find them for some reason. hello@altagency.co.uk is a new account and API can find them without the problem.


I was able to replicate your issue. I will investigate more on this issue with our engineers and get back to you with an update soon.


Thank you, Ojus. Looking forward to the solution.

Hey @altagencytesting,

This is a bug we are working on fixing.

A work around (or in my opinion the proper way to do this) is to link a Zoom account to your app via OAuth, allowing users to “Login with Zoom” to your app and connect the two.

Use case:

Clicking your “Link My Account with Zoom” button would take users to Zoom’s authorize page (where they would Login or Create an Account with Zoom and authorize your app) then be redirected back to your app (something like https://yourapp.com/?code=eYanu1uG5TucLenI) where you would use the code in the query param to request an access token. Once you have the access_token you can JWT parse it to get the user_id and use the user_id to get the email.

Let my know if this helps,

Hi @tommy
The problem with this solution is that we are asking the user to confirm their zoom email at the time of the payment. Taking them away from the payment which is in the popup as you can see in the screenshots above and bring them back to payment will cause lots of issues. The whole flow will change which we have been working on.

AJAX works best for us in this flow then taking them away from the page and bring them back.

Hey @altagencytesting,

Since I have no timeline on when this bug will be fixed, I would recommend redesigning this to use the OAuth flow. What’s stopping someone from entering in someone else’s Zoom email for this? Also maybe you can help me understand why you need the webinar participant to confirm their Zoom email?