I want to confirm my ID via email

Due to the current security policy enforcement in March 2022, I found that the email address in the report cannot be verified for users who are not registered in My Account.
Is there a way to know the ID (unique number) of a user who is not registered in my account through an email address?

Hi @kdseo, Yes you can. Please watch the session → Zoom Users exists by Email - (Zoom REST API).

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Hi @kdseo
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Unfortunately, if the user is not par of your account and when joining a meeting is not logged in in their Zoom account, you won’t be able to get the email address.

Users need to be logged in or registered to the meeting so you can get the email address
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If a user who does not belong to the current account participates while logged in, the access log will appear as follows.

“id”: “1UdX84WnR8SJzFYkxxxw”,
“name”: “kyung seo”,
“user_email”: “”
As I said before, I am looking for a way to search the email of my ZOOM account through the id registered when interfacing with the API, even though the email address is not marked as a security policy.
In the case of the Get a User API, it says the account does not exist.
“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User does not exist: ZZmjL-XbSDelCxxxuAw.”

Is there a way to get the user’s id and email through the id or email of the user who is not registered in the account?

@kdseo Yes, you can if you have published Zoom OAuth App on Zoom Marketplace and the requested user has installed your app.

Then you can use authorized user access_token and get user details.

If any queries still please ask.

I don’t understand, so I ask again.
Currently, ZOOM API authenticates using the Bearer Token method.

I will explain my current situation again.

  1. I want to create and conduct an online seminar through the ZOOM API in my LMS.
    The instructor belongs to my ZOOM account.
    API testing related to this has been completed.

  2. The learner inputs the account to be used when accessing ZOOM within the LMS, registers in the LMS DB, and then enters.

  • Learners will participate in the seminar after logging in with their ZOOM account.
  • However, it may be an account that is not affiliated with the school ZOOM account.
  1. When the status of learning participants is retrieved through the API, there are currently three types of logs.
  • If ID, EMAIL, and NAME are all displayed: If the participant has logged in and belongs to my account
  • If both ID and NAME are displayed: In case the participant is logged in but is not affiliated with my account
  • When only NAME is displayed: When a participant accesses without logging in

Is there a way to check the user ID through EMAIL in the LMS DB in the following cases?
[In case both ID and NAME are displayed: In case the participant is logged in but does not belong to my account]

For users who do not belong to My ZOOM account, it will appear as below.
“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User does not exist: testmail@dcu.ac.kr.”

what i am trying to implement

  1. Search the ZOOM ID of a user who does not belong to My Account via email and save it to the LMS DB
  2. After using the seminar, check the attendance status by comparing the participation record ID with the ID stored in the LMS DB

If I’m making a mistake or there’s something I’m misunderstanding, please let me know.

Thank you again for your help.

For this accessing external User data from Zoom API :point_down:

  • You need to publish OAuth App on Zoom Marketplace
  • Once the learner Install your app from Zoom Marketplace
  • You have Learner/External Zoom User access_token & refresh_token
  • Then you need to use =============== :point_up_2: and request to Zoom API you will successfully get a response from Zoom API.

Hope that the answers if still not clear please let me know here. Thanks

My question for you

  1. You only need to access External Zoom User info (Id, Email, DisplayName etc)
  2. Or do you have other data also required from the External Zoom Users?

If you have only needed 1. Then you will achieve that data by enabling registration and without publishing Marketplace OAuth App you will get those details.

If you needed 2. Then Zoom Marketplace OAuth App is the only option for you.

I only need to access External Zoom User info (Id, Email, DisplayName etc)

I’ve benefited from OAuth, Server-To-Server OAuth authentication, but still couldn’t get email addresses for users that don’t belong to my account.

Please let us know if there is an API that can get an email through the ID of a user who is not registered in the User Management > User menu.

For external Zoom User info :point_up_2:

Hi @kdseo
As @freelancer.nak mentioned, if you want to get data from an external user, you will need to create an OAuth app and have it published in the Marketplace.
Once this external user authorizes the app in their account you will be able to access their data.