API where I provide user's email and password and get their <API_KEY> and <API_SECRET>

Hello there,
I have this case where multiple tenants will be using my application, and each of them will have a separate zoom account to generate links to their users from.
The JWT method and many others have to have the api key and secret hard coded and use them to create links, however what I would like to do is let each user [tenant] provide their zoom email and password and access their key and secret and use them to generate links for them
I hope I was clear with what I need and I really hope anyone can help clarify if this is possible and if so how :slight_smile: thanks.

Hi @guehadmoh

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and Welcome to our Community!
From what you are describing it looks like you will need to create an OAuth app, by doing this the users that want to user your app will authorize it under their account and then your app will be able to generate meetings on behalf of them.

Find a link to our Docs here:

In order for 3rd party users to be able to install and authorize your app, you will need to submit your app for review with our Marketplace team, find more information about the process here:

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @elisa.zoom thank you so much for replying !
I did try the OAuth approach and it did work but it’s still not what i’m looking for.
this approach still requires my tenants to go retrieve their client ID and secret and set their redirect url manually, which is a hassle we don’t want them to go through.
I was wondering if there was any other approach that maybe only used their zoom email and/or password? without the need to manually retrieve any keys or secrets.
Thanks a lot !

Hi @guehadmoh
Ah I see what you mean. But unfortunately this is not possible.
In order for your app to be able to call our Endpoints on behalf of someone else, you will need to implement OAuth protocol.


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Thank you so much @elisa.zoom for your quick replies, much appreciated! you saved me plenty of time.

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Of course! @guehadmoh you are very welcome!! :slight_smile:
I am always happy to help