Is There Any Alternate Way To Get API Key & Secret Key For Creating A Meeting?

Hi ,
Today I was trying to make meeting using zoom api and eventually I got success in it.
Everything is working fine.
But I have a concern regarding this .
When I have to make an api call for creating a meeting ,it requires API Key & Secret Key in order to generate jwt token.
And that is good for security purposes.
But as I am working on an e-learning project where there are teachers as well as students. Teacher will create a zoom meeting for students in order to take a class.
If I have 10 teachers in my database and and every teachers want to create meeting , then I need to have API Keys & Secret Keys in order to create meeting through their (teachers) email ids.
In this case I will need to register every teacher on zoom market place in order to achieve API Keys & Secret Keys. And this process would be done manually.
This would be time taking process if I get API Key & Secret Key for every teacher and store them in my system so as to they can make api calls for creating meeting.
So is there any way to get API Key & Secret Key for any email address through some kind of api call.

I have seen an API in your postman zoom api collection to create user.

API Name:- Create Users In Users Folder (Collection)
API Url:

I tried this API in hope to create a user and that user can use my API Keys & Secret Keys in order to create a meeting.
But when I hit this API , I got following response…

"code": 200,

"message": "No privilege."


Then I searched about it on developers forum if someone has also faced same issue.
I got 2-3 links regarding the same.
And according to that I got to know someone needs to be a paid user in order to create users right through APIs.
So would it be possible if I am a paid user and I create users and then that users can create meeting using my API Keys & Secret Keys .
or Is there any way to achieve the same without being a paid user?

Please tell me possible approach to achieve my target result.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Additional context
Please provide required assistance ASAP.

Hey @umesh1,

Have you considered using OAuth? It allows you to take authorized actions on Zoom users accounts simply by them installing your OAuth app.


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