App becomes unusable when user is sharing screen

Hi! We are experiencing an issue where users cannot properly use our app as soon as the user begin sharing their screen. Our application fro Zoom gives users the ability to take notes during calls, but as soon as the user starts sharing their screen, the ability to type is no more.

Any ideas on what we should look for in assessing this issue? We’re not sure why this is happening, as nothing is changing in the app’s functionality; the only difference is that the user is not sharing heir screen and the app has popped out of the Zoom window.

Hey @alexh, can you give a few more details?

Which app is this? Can you give specific reproduction steps so we can test on our end?

Hey @ash.provost !

Thanks for the follow up. Our app is not yet published, but it should be next week? So maybe we follow up then once you all can give it a go? For more context in the interim, what happens is:

  1. User is using our app
  2. User start to share their screen
  3. After sharing, user navigates to our app for Zoom to take notes (we’re part note-taking tool)
  4. User is unable to type anything altogether
  5. User stops sharing their screen, app is again integrated into Zoom and the user can successfully take notes

I know this isn’t all that useful with an app in front of you, but figured I would get that out there in the event that it triggers some thoughts or potential bits for us to investigate in the interim.

Does this have to do with the share screen settings? Whether its a screen or a particular app? Does the client / app show up for those viewing the screen share?

Waiting for publish may also help - then we can better understand whats going on. Let the review team know your concerns.