Zoom app preinstall & sharing issues

Hello, we’re currently developing an app using the Zoom app SDK, but we’ve encountered some issues related to accounts having the app pre-installed & screen sharing.

  1. Some of the users will be joining the meeting using a host url & managing the meeting. These users may be logged into Zoom using their own accounts (which are not accounts that scheduled the meeting). If they try to open the app, it tells them that there’s a discrepancy between the logged in user & the app can not be added. If they log out of the Zoom App, and then use the link to join the meeting everything works fine. Is there something we can do here? Why do we let them host a meeting with a different email only to block them from opening the app that the host has installed?

  2. We’ve had some issues with sharing the app - calling shareApp({ action: ‘start’ }) sometimes fullscreens the screen & the app, sometimes it keeps the original size of the app (which is most of the time very small as it is in the sidebar) & the user then has to manually resize the shared window. This inconsistency is very confusing - is there a way to ensure that the app fullscreens properly on app share?

  3. We have some features that use the SDK expandApp API. However, it seems that this does nothing if the user has used the “Pop out app” button to pop the app from the main Zoom window. I know we can set popoutSize to control the initial size of the popped out window in the config call, but is there any way to control the window sizing similarly as is possible with the expandApp API?

  4. Users aren’t able to share their computer audio while a participant is screensharing - our use case sometimes requires the host to play computer audio while a participant is screensharing. Is there a way to allow them both to happen?

Thank you!

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