App Crash happens

Hi Carson,
Thanks for the info. Please consult with your team regarding changing avatar. Between did you have any tutorials regarding the custom UI ? Please share with us.


Currently, we have docs for Custom UI here:, and in demo apps: If you have any questions regarding Custom UI, we are here to help. :slight_smile:


Hi Carson,
Thanks for the info. I will check and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Carson
Good day :slight_smile:. Today I am faced one issue. I will explain the scenario below.

Let assume User1 is Host and User2 is Participant.

  1. User1 is started the meeting and meeting is 1234.

  2. User2 is joined the meeting.

  3. Now User1 is taps end button.

  4. Once meeting end then we will call the zoom API to get the meeting info like start, end time, recordings …etc

  5. Now Once user taps end button then we will call the zoom API and we got the response like Meeting ID is not available

  6. I don’t know why I got this message. Because User1 is properly tapped the end button

  7. Again User1 is started meeting. Now the problem started. The problem is Meeting get started with previous meeting ID 1234. :frowning:

  8. I don’t know how this is possible because meeting 1234 was already ended and user1 is started with new meeting.

    Could you explain this at what cases this will happen ? Because this appears only one time for me. it’s nearly happend 10 meetings once.

    I used this method onMeetingEndedReason() to handle the end meeting process. Also I triggered the Zoom API in this method once end the meeting.

Please share your thoughts and how to solve this :slight_smile:

Hi saroroo123,
Glad to hear from you. :slight_smile: I would need to inquire for more information to reproduce this issue.

  1. When you say “…end button then we will call the Zoom API…”, do you mean the Zoom API like: Is the error message from the response of this API call?
  2. “…Again User1 starts the meeting…”, do you mean user 1 start the meeting again right after ending the previous meeting? And the meeting number is exactly the same as the previous one? (Is it the Personal Meeting ID(PMI)?)
  3. When you say “start meeting”, are you referring to start an instant meeting?

The end meeting action is a series of process, the end meeting request will be sent to our server and your meeting UI will disappear. But when the meeting UI disappears, the end meeting process might not fully be finished. It takes some time to really end the meeting. If you call the meeting report or status API right after the sending the end meeting request, it is highly possible to retrieve an empty or incorrect response. Please try to set a timeout like 1-2 sec and let the end meeting finish.

However, this does not explain the reason why the same meeting is started in the second attempts. I would appreciate more detail on this, like code snippet or log.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Carson,
Thanks for the reply. Here is my answers regarding your queries.
#1 --> We are using this URL for get the zoom meeting info’s “$meeting_id” and we got the error response like Meeting ID is not available from this API response.

#2 —> Yes. once meeting end we are request the API but we already put 2 seconds sleep before requesting the API.

#3 —> Our flow is, Once user taps the start meeting button then we are questing our DB then in our backend team they will create new meeting in zoom and send the meeting ID to us. Using that meeting ID we will start the meeting using zoom SDK.

So, This issue was not repeated all the time and I can not reproduce this. Any way, This is the meeting ID that we are faced issue. Meeting ID : 775640730. Please check this out. Honestly I don’t know this will help you. But currently I have this one only.

New Update --> Is there any way to show the timer in meeting window ? like once meeting started then timer started 00:00:01, 00:00:02, 00:00:03 …etc

Thanks !

Hi saroroo123,
Thanks for the info. Since this issue is not happening within the meeting, thus the meeting number might not be helpful in this case. We will try to reproduce this issue and see if we can find the root cause.

Regarding your question, we do not have such feature in our Zoom UI, if you use Custom UI, you can implement any feature you want (like this timer) in your meeting UI.


Hi Carson,
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:. Regarding custom UI, Honestly we don’t have time to do the custom UI. But we will try this custom UI process later :slight_smile:

Hi saroroo123,

Happy Friday. Regarding your request of changing the avatar icon in the meeting, here is the way to change it(or any other icon):

  1. In our SDK lib, there is a framework called “MobileRTCResources.bundle”, locate it and right click to open the package content.
  2. Locate the icon that you would like to change, in this case, the icon’s name is “default_avatar_inmeeting.png”
  3. Backup this icon somewhere in case you would like to use it in the future.
  4. Rename the image that you would like to use to be this name “default_avatar_inmeeting.png”, and then replace the image in the bundle.
  5. You can use this method to change other icons as well.
    Here is an example:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,
Excellent. Thanks for the info. Looks like we are going to set the image as static but in my current requirement I need to change the image in dynamic way. :slight_smile:. is there anyway to change the image in dynamic way like each meeting i need to show different images.

I have one clarification,
- What will happen if user not end the meeting ? is that meeting runs/active in days/week…etc. OR did zoom will handle anything like if meeting is active/runs in more that 1 day then zoom will automatically end that meeting ?

Thanks !


We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.