App doesn't run since changing intent to publish

My app got to the point where I was ready to publish it and I made some changes in my marketplace settings that I now can’t undo.

Is there anyway to change intent to publish once it’s already been set to yes because I can’t find that setting anywhere.

Since I made that change, I now can’t even run my app through the main url or through the local test settings.

The app opens in zoom, but then immediately displays a message like below.
My internet connection is stable, so what’s going on?

@RostislavR If you’re still running into issues can you clarify what change you made? Typically it’s not possible to change the type of an app.

Not running into issues anymore. Seems it was something about the development urls and production urls being mixed up or interfering with one another.

I set my dev and prod to be the same. And the prob disappeared. Will see if it comes back if I try to make them different again.

Making them the same worked for now, because I was just moving from a local setup to a staging.