Change Intend to Publish:YES to Intend to Publish:No

Hi Team,
As I have created the app but by-mistake, I have selected Intend to Publish:Yes. Now I am unable to change the status to No or either unable to delete the created app. kindly guide me with that. And I don’t to publish my app in marketplace just simply integrate the sdk.

Hi @pc23pankaj

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So, basically you will have to create a brand new app since you can not change the Intend to Publish selection at all.

If you want to delete the app, just click on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the Dashboard and select the option Remove App

Hope this helps!

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for the reply,

I am unable to see the remove app option for SDK, Is there any condition or requirement when I will able to see the option. As I am also sharing the image link. for the same because unable to attach the image so sharing you the link.

Link of the Image.

Hi @pc23pankaj
Ah I see!!! I did not notice you were talking about the SDK app.
You can still integrate the SDK with the intend to Publish: YES and use it internally and just have it as a draft.

I will keep looking into a way of changing the status and bring you an update shortly.

Hi Elisha,

Thanks for this comment and would be waiting for your reply!!

Of course! @pc23pankaj
Feel free to leave me a note if I do not come back to you within a couple of days!