Change Intend to Publish:YES to Intend to Publish:No

Hi Team,
As I have created the app but by-mistake, I have selected Intend to Publish:Yes. Now I am unable to change the status to No or either unable to delete the created app. kindly guide me with that. And I don’t to publish my app in marketplace just simply integrate the sdk.

Hi @pc23pankaj

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So, basically you will have to create a brand new app since you can not change the Intend to Publish selection at all.

If you want to delete the app, just click on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the Dashboard and select the option Remove App

Hope this helps!

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for the reply,

I am unable to see the remove app option for SDK, Is there any condition or requirement when I will able to see the option. As I am also sharing the image link. for the same because unable to attach the image so sharing you the link.

Link of the Image.

Hi @pc23pankaj
Ah I see!!! I did not notice you were talking about the SDK app.
You can still integrate the SDK with the intend to Publish: YES and use it internally and just have it as a draft.

I will keep looking into a way of changing the status and bring you an update shortly.

Hi Elisha,

Thanks for this comment and would be waiting for your reply!!

Of course! @pc23pankaj
Feel free to leave me a note if I do not come back to you within a couple of days!

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Elisa, did you find out if it’s possible to reset the status of published intend?

Hi @meetings
Thanks for your patience! I was able to reach out to the Marketplace team and they have confirmed that unfortunately there is not a way to change the Intend to publish Yes to No, only the other way around.
But I will go ahead and reach out to the proper team so they are aware of this behavior .
Thanks a lot

HI @pc23pankaj
Thanks for your patience while I worked on this issue. As I mentioned to @meetings, I have confirmed with our Engineering team that as for right now we can not change the Intend to publish from Yes to No, it can only be changed from No to Yes.
I will engage with the team and update you shortly to make sure we can fix this on our end.

I have the same issue, please can you let me know if this has since been updated?

I also have the same issue.

Hi @all we have not made any changes to this.
I will update you if I have more information!