App for multiple customers - making secret unique

The app I am creating is of the server-to-server type, so I will be using JWT token for auth. An intent is for the app to be used by many of our customers. Each customer will enable the app on their selected admin account. But won;t every customer end up using the same Key and Secret for their tokens? Can multiple Key/Secret pairs be associated with an app to give each customer a unique pair?
If this is not possible, what is the best practice to ensure security of the token?

Hey @dbukhan, thanks for using Zoom!

It is not possible to publish a JWT app to the Zoom App Marketplace.

For your use case, I would suggest using a Account Level OAuth App Type. That way, admins can install your app. Upon install, you will be given a unique access_token that you can use to make calls to our API.

Let me know if you ave any other questions!