JWT App - more than one possible?

Is there only one JWT app for an entire Enterprise account? I thought there would be a JWT account per developer account. We have different apps that would use JWT to call the api and would like to separate concerns with different JWT apps (and different keys/secrets).

Which Endpoint/s?
All API endpoints

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Thank you for your reply. My question is slightly different - I want to be able to create different JWT apps for different developer Zoom accounts within my company enterprise account - is this possible?

Hey @katezoom,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to clarify.

To that end, we don’t have developer accounts, so to speak—rather, the JWT app you create under your Enterprise account JWT is an account-wide app and is available to all the admins and owners of the account. You can have only 1 JWT marketplace app registered in your account.

However, you can generate multiple JWT tokens using the JWT keys, and the tokens operate independently of each other until expired or the credentials have been changed. Keep in mind, however, a JWT token will contain all the permissions, and there is no way to restrict it.

If you need to be able to restrict scopes, we recommend utilizing OAuth.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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