APP Marketplace Access Token Issue

I have created the sample app in marketplace.

After that i have try to get access token using below link with sample app keys.

Link is:

It’s throwing below error message

Invalid redirect: does not match one of the registered values: [https://…] (4,700)

FYI: The app status showing “Waiting for Zoom approval” message.

Hello @zoom2,

If you have provided URLs that you need to whitelist for your app in the Whitelist URL section, please be sure to provide either the entire or the prefix of the Redirect URL for OAuth.

For e.g: if the Redirect URL for OAuth is, then your whitelist URL section should contain either or or If for e.g. you have added in the whitelist URL section, then you will receive the 4700 error

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you very much.

We are Happy to help! :slight_smile: