App not showing up in the Marketplace for Webinars -

I just checked and we did select to Add our Teleprompter to the Webinar Build Flow and got approval.
It doesn’t show up in the App Marketplace on Webinars but does show up for Meetings. Perhaps we are missing a step?

Hello @it.stuff its on the 4th Page it is on that page. There are 307 apps that work with Webinar so its a pretty long list.

Regards, Kwaku

Thanks it must have just gotten updated because we checked and searched for it a few times and didnt see it. Thank you Kwaku!

@kwaku.nyante - our customer is only seeing 21 Apps within the Zoom Webinar App Marketplace. How can he get access to all the Apps?



Hello @it.stuff that’s difficult to say I would just have them confirm no other filters are on, but it could be related to so many things but mostly access granted on their Zoom Account. If everyone else can see it and they can’t i would suggest having them reach out to support.

Regards, Kwaku