Published app not available in Webinar marketplace

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The PitchHub Teleprompter App has been published successfully and has been designated as available to Meetings and Webinar users.

Customers have been able to access the app in the meetings marketplace without a problem. However in webinar the app does not show up as an option to install from the marketplace.

See video here:

How To Reproduce
Base case:
User has installed Pitchhub Teleprompter app for meetings
App is available for meetings and works fine

The issue is here (see video):
User opens Webinar
Pitchhub Teleprompter app is not available
User tries to locate app for Webinar in the Zoom Marketplace
App is not showing up in the Zoom Marketplace

Desired behavior:
For existing customers: installed meetings app is available in webinar
For new webinar customers: app is show as installable from Zoom Marketplace

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Hello @cary.bran Thank you for providing this information, were currently investigating internally to figure out what is going on. We should have an update shortly.

Regards, Kwaku