App of the Month (1) - BrightHire Interview Assistant app

:loudspeaker: I have some exciting news to share with our developer community:

We are launching a new communication series to celebrate innovation and creativity in the Zoom App Marketplace. Our very first “App of the Month” article shines a spotlight on exceptional applications that are making waves, pushing boundaries, and providing unique value to users and developers worldwide.

In this article, I dive deep into the BrightHire Interview Assistant app for Zoom Meetings: we explore how they addressed critical customer problems, used Zoom APIs, and their growth to date with customers.

I am thrilled to share the story behind why BrightHire chose to build with Zoom. This is a part of our commitment to not only acknowledge outstanding products but also to provide third-party app developers with valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the app development industry using our Zoom platform.

Stay tuned to our App of the Month article series in the Zoom Developer Community, where we highlight one game-changer at a time! :rocket:


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