App reverts back to main activity when you click "join meeting"

When we launch our Zoom customized application you immediately see an “initialize Zoom SDK Successfully” message but the app reverts back to the main activity after you click the join meeting button.

When using the zoom demo app instead of our zoom customization, then repeating the same process (entering meeting number, entering user ID, and clicking the “join meeting button”), the app prompts you for the password, but when you enter the password it also just reverts back to the main activity

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
[0] Launch the app
[1] Enter meeting number
[2] Enter username (zoom registered user’s email address)
[3] Click join meeting
[4] App returns to the main activity

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Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Galaxy Note 8
  • OS: Android version 9

Additional context
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Please check the logcat whether there is a crash log.

Can you upload a sdk log? sdk log path: /sdcard/Android/data/package name/logs


There is no log file there. Maybe I missed turning on debugging. I did see this line of code that was commented out.

// TODO: Add functionality to this listener (e.g. logs for debugging)
ZoomSDKInitializeListener listener = new ZoomSDKInitializeListener() {
* @param errorCode {@link us.zoom.sdk.ZoomError#ZOOM_ERROR_SUCCESS} if the SDK has been initialized successfully.

However, I got a lot of errors when I uncommented it, so I just left it alone. Can you advise how to generate this log file.

Hi @johnsodd,

Can you please ensure that you have enabled logs through the SDK when it was initialized? Also, if you are running a release build of your app, that can also impact whether or not the logs will be generated.


Hi @johnsodd,

After investigating the logs you sent over, it appears that this behavior is being caused by a crash. The cause of this crash is that you are trying to access the MeetingService's methods when it is null. Usually, this happens when you try using the SDK to join a meeting before it has been successfully initialized.

Please ensure that you are receiving the successful callback described in our documentation here before attempting to access the MeetingService through the SDK.