App Share. White Screen is shown when PDF content is shared in a WKWebView


We are trying to sharing app content (WKWebView) which loads the PDF content URL and that should be displayed to all the participants as remote share. However, the application is not able to display the PDF content shared within a WKWebView and it just shows the page counter and scrolling, etc. so this means the WKWebView is shared but not the content view.
We followed the same code as mentioned in the sample project for sharing the local/remote content.

We also tried with Zoom built-in meeting UI and it has the same issue. Can you please review and let us know the actual way of sharing the PDF file URL using the Zoom’s app share feature.

Which version?


To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to MobileRTCSampleApp
  2. Click on Meet Now button and start the Custom Meeting (*make sure you have the custom meeting option selected in the app settings)
  3. Tap on the ‘Start Share’ button by default it will open the site. Now change the URL to open any pdf file e.g
  4. The app will successfully display the pdf file content in a web view on the local share view.
  5. Now join the same meeting from another phone and experience the remote share view will have white screen as shown in the below screenshot.



  • Device: iPhone X

  • OS: iOS

  • Version 13.3.1

Hi usman.awan,

Thanks for the post. Let me forward this to the engineering team for further investigation and get back to you shortly. Thx.

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Do we have any update on this issue?


Hi usman.awan,

Thanks for the reply. We are able to identify this issue and we are investigating the solutions for this. In the meantime, please have a try to use the Broadcast extension and ReplayKit to perform screen sharing. You may find the instruction here:


Hi @Carson_Chen,

any update on this?


Hi @gabrielangelo.inot,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. If you would like to implement the screen sharing feature, you could follow the instruction here:


I have followed steps on
my broadcast has started and sharing content…even my extension is working as my extension delegate processSampleBuffer is called… but content is not shared on zoom…

Please provide any solution…

Hi @amit.jadhav,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Did you set the App group ID when initializing the SDK? Is the SDK app shown in the broadcasting app list?


Yes… I was able to make it work… Video works fine…
but now the issue is with audio… Audio is not working even after following this thread iOS SDK - Custom UI - Can't play music and meeting audio together

Need solution asap…

Hi @amit.jadhav,

Glad to hear that it is working. If you are using Custom UI, currently the audio share is not supported.