Screen share a webview containing PDF, Multimedia etc. content from react native app integrated with Zoom client SDK

I have a use case where once I join a meeting using the zoom client SDK embedded with my React Native app, as soon as I click on the share screen button, I want to navigate to a separate page which contains a webview hosting PDF and other multimedia content and then start my screen share so that only the webview page is shared with the participants.
How can I achieve this?
Also, will there be any issues in streaming audio/video from the multimedia content to the participants since it is rendered from the webview along with the voice of the presenter?

Which iOS Client SDK version?

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The app is on React Native and is to be integrated with Zoom’s client SDK

Hi @kunal_panigrahi, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please confirm whether you are using the default meeting UI or have implemented a custom UI?


I will be going ahead with the default meeting UI.
Is there a way in which we can implement a custom UI as well ?

Hi @kunal_panigrahi,

In the default meeting UI, sharing content will be done in the same way as the Zoom client. Documentation on that functionality can be found here.

The SDK allows you to implement a custom meeting UI, wherein the SDK will not show any UI. A good place to get started with a custom meeting UI would be our custom UI documentation.


Hi @jon.lieblich,
I understand that we can customize the meeting UI for android and ios client SDK, but since my project is in react native, is there a way I can handle custom screen share workflow using any open source SDK that integrates react native with client SDK?

Hey @kunal_panigrahi,

If you would like to customize the sharing workflow beyond the behavior that Zoom’s Android and iOS applications have, I would suggest using a custom UI. On the iOS side of the SDK, you have two separate options for screen sharing: sharing a single UIView or Broadcasting your screen. For both of these methods the SDK provides interfaces and delegates for handling sharing.

We do not provide much developer support for react native at this time, as the react native SDK’s are not actively maintained by Zoom. If the react native SDK you are using can obtain specific UIViews you should be able share your UIView using appShareWithView. I am not sure how react native handles app extenstions, but if you can create a broadcast extension in your react native project, the SDK can broadcast your entire screen into the meeting. I have seen issues with this in the past using ionic, but have not experimented with this in react native.


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