Application not found Error with Zoom OAuth

I would let multiple users link their zoom account on my platform. This linking should be saved in the database and when they create an event, if the account is already linked, the respective account should be used to generate the meeting link. But I am facing a problem. It is working my own zoom account but other zoom account do not work. It is showing this error “Application not found”. Please help me. Thanks.

Hi @naungnaung781777
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In order for users who are not part of your Zoom account, to be able to authorize your app, you will need to have it published in the Zoom Marketplace:


Yes @elisa.zoom. Thanks for your replying. I am trying to publish my OAuth app in the Zoom Marketplace. I have filled App credentials, Information, Scopes, Local Test and Technical Design. But I can not submit. Submit button is still disable to submit. So what do I need about Submit for review?

Hi @naungnaung781777
Please make sure all the necessary fields are completed, especially the Domain validations, this could be preventing you from submitting your application

Hi Elisa,
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Just a quick question, Related on this topic,
Is it possible to add another test email account instead of user the developer’s registered email
account, because when i try login user another zoom account, it’s throwing application not found.



Hi @somasi2023
It is not possible to test the app if the other developer is not part of your same account, the error you are getting is expected.
So make sure that the app is created under the same account than yours.

Hi @elisa.zoom
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If you don’t mind can you please look on this forum question please , I just need your expertise


I have follow up there @somasi2023

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