Zoom App marketplace - Application not found Issue

Hello there,
I created an app in zoom app Marketplace, which is unpublished. whenever i tries to authorize an user,
Users will be prompted to log in to their Zoom account (if not already logged in). when mail id, other than app owner mail id, logged in it shows Application not found. It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it right now. Does the app need to be published for other user to access. I have to test for different users.
i dunno where i’m stuck.
Kindly guide me.

Hi @sathyajothisathya
Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community
The behavior you are seeing is expected.
Applications must be published so users outside of your account can test it.
If you would like to do some testing before publishing your app, you can request a Publishable URL to our Marketplace team here:


Hi Elisa,
Thanks for reverting back and providing me the work flow.
As you say, I request for the Publishable URL to the Marketplace Team, and successfully it has been authorized. But still “Share outside your account” is in ‘Inactive’ state. May I Know the reason and what shall i do to make it happen.

I have shared the screen shorts for you reference in drive link:

Can you confirm that the application was approved by the Marketplace team @sathyajothisathya ??

Can you please share with me the name of your app

Yeah Elisa…
App name : [ Bookeasy - Test ]

Screen short of the approval mail has been attached on the previous reply.
And for your reference , Once again I’ll attach them here.


Thanks for the update @sathyajothisathya
Did you submit an application for the Marketplace for this request?

When I attempting to authorize a user with a different email address than mine (the app owner), the system displayed an “Application not found” error. The error message suggested that the application might have been deleted or that I lacked permission to view it at that moment. This situation arose during testing, and it raised questions about whether the app needed to be published for other users to access it successfully.

Hi @teozsmird
Yes, if you want users outside of your account to test your app, it would need to be published in the Zoom App Marketplace