Application not found error in OAuth workflow


I’m build a Zoom App using OAuth. The authorization works fine on my account and so I sent the app out for review to be published in the marketplace. The Zoom reviewer however can’t authorize the app, she is getting an error from Zoom saying “Application Not Found”.
Any idea what might be wrong?


Hi Lorenzo,

I see what the error is - can you please re-submit your application and I will work on that final item with you.



I am getting this error with a client. Is it necessary for the app to be published in the marketplace before being accessible to others?


Hi @LearningCart
If you want to have users outside from your account to access your application then the answer is yes, the app needs to be published in the Marketplace
Hope this helps!

Hey. I am a developer. let’s say i created app and got authorization URL.

My client gonna authorize with his account not mine. and the meeting needs to create on my account and he can host the meeting and other guys will be joined. In this case, must I share my app to the Marketplace?


Decline reason: Thank you for your submission to be considered for our Beta program. In reviewing the content and information you shared, the Technical Design section indicated that you do not have a Secure SDLC process, do not conduct vulnerability scans (SAST/DAST), and do not perform ongoing pen testing for your application. Your beta submission does not meet the minimum requirements for a beta url. We also require supporting evidence to demonstrate an adequate security posture for a beta url. We encourage you to follow through with our standard publication process to have your app shareable with others outside of your account.

I got this response from the zoom support team. I am not sure how to approve this step. how can I got help?

Hi James! Our Beta program is largely dependent on security documentation. At minimum, we ask that you have a combination of an SSDLC, SAST/DAST, and a 3rd party pentest. If you do not have sufficient evidence to submit for these qualifications, then we ask that you submit your app for publishing where it can get tested. If you are still interested in an Auth URL prior to publishing, reach out to once your app has started the publish review process.