AppStore rejection because of ARKit (apparently zoom is using TrueDepth)

Our app get rejected because of this error

If your app does not include any features that use TrueDepth APIs, please remove them from your app.

If your app does include features that use TrueDepth APIs, please reply to this message in App Store Connect to provide information on how to locate them.

We use this version: 5.9.3 (2512)

How do I solve this issue if it is because of zoom?

Hi @ggarnik,

Please note that I have moved this topic over to the #meeting-sdk:ios category. :slightly_smiling_face:

The usage of this has been removed in the latest two versions of the SDK. If you resubmit after integrating the latest version, you should not see this rejection reason anymore.


Hi @jon.zoom

I have a problem with finding SDKs. Can you please send the link?


@jon.zoom can you please guys send the SDK download link? Please note we can’t publish on store because of you… Kindly send the requested information asap.

This is what I use now and there is no new updates

Is there anybody from zoom who can be responsible for this thread?

Hi @ggarnik,

It is not possible to send a specific link, as your account ID is in the URL path. You can access the Meeting SDK download by following the instructions in our documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:


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