Are there plans to support multiple users to be logged in simultaneously with Android Zoom SDK

The android sdk does not have a user’s context.
While the SDK allows us to login a specific user it does not allow us to be logged in to that SDK with other users simultaneously.
(A workaround would be to log out an already logged in user and
then login a different user again using the same API)

Which version?

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If there are no plans to support it, would you suggest alternatives ?


Hi @anagaraju,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to switch users in SDK, you will need to firstly log out and then log in with the new credentials. The Zoom client does not support logged-in simultaneously so the Zoom SDK does not support this as well.


Thanks @carson.zoom,

Are there any plans to support this in the future ?

Hi @anagaraju,

You may submit a feature request to the Zoom client here:


ok, thank you , submitted a feature request