Assign webinar licence to user via the API or automatically when user is created

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I am currently developing functionality to create zoom webinars via the API. The code will find the user by his userName/email. If user does not exist, it will create it then create the webinar based on his id. Now, creating a new user will assign a licence to the user automatically, but won’t turn on the webinar feature for that user, even if I have free/unused webinar seats/licences. Therefore, I get an error saying:

“code”: 200,
“message”: “Webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinar for this user: {user identifier} in order to perform this action.”

Is there any way to activate the webinar licence via the API to avoid doing this manually from the Admin/Users tab on my account?

Hey @techcityventures,

Great question—you can do this programmatically by hitting our PATCH Update User Settings endpoint. You will update their features via their User Settings and setting webinar to true:
PATCH Update User Settings

Let me know if this helps!

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Happy I could help! :slight_smile:

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