OAuth App - Domain Verification not working


I’m trying to submit an app with account-level application type but it is not verifying the domain

I clearly have the same code as the verifyzoom.html file and followed instructions

Here’s the link


Are you seeing a validation error? If so, could you share the error message?

Hi Daniel,

It says

can not access the html file, please be sure the file uploaded correctly and retry


This is more suited for #marketplace category – I will reassign the topic. To that end, if you’re having trouble with the automated zoom-verify.html flow in the UI support can actually manually validate your domain. Please submit a support ticket request here. Be sure to include the following details as well:

  1. App Name
  2. Development Client ID
  3. Email Address of App Owner
  4. Domain Name

And provide the following links (If you do not have these ready, please provide the domain name that they would belong to):

  1. Privacy Policy URL
  2. Terms of Use URL
  3. Support URL
  4. Documentation URL
  5. Configure URL(Optional)
  6. Endpoint URL for De-Authorization

Hi Donte,

I received specific instructions to submit a ticket there from Patrick

You just told me to submit another ticket in the same place. We are going in a circular loop


If you already submitted a ticket, then you should be good to go and do not need to submit another one.


We are not having the best experience.

We already submitted an OAuth Zoom App that was near being approved to be listed on the marketplace (in which the domain was already approved)

The rules were changed that a license would be required for 40+ minute meetings. That prompted us to change the application from user-managed to account-level so we could add the proper additional permission

After completing the steps to submitting an account-level OAuth app, we are forced to verify the domain again. The domain verification system doesn’t seem to work properly

So, we requested help. After receiving and following instructions to submit a ticket, we are now told that we submitted a ticket to the wrong place. We are now instructed to submit a ticket to the same place with fewer instructions on how to categorize it

This seemingly circular loop has been a very unpleasant experience for us

This is where the ticket led us


Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. I will share this feedback with the Marketplace team as we are always looking to improve the developer experience. That aside, I can see how you may feel that the process has been circular. I was not aware that you already received instructions to submit a support ticket, which is why I recommended it. If you can share the ticket with me, I am happy to help move the process along.


The ticket number is #14779569

  1. App Name - ** [REDACT DUE To PII]**
  2. Development Client ID - [REDACT DUE To PII]
  3. Email Address of App Owner - ** [REDACT DUE To PII]**
  4. Domain Name - needtalk (I’m only allowed to put one link in an email because I’m a “new user”)

Best Regards,
Justin Ar-Rasheed

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