Attendees profile pics

Is it possible to get the attendees profile pictures?

Hey @igor.lunarx,

You can get an attemdees profile picture (pic_url) if they are apart of your account using the GET /users/{userId} endpoint.


Tommy, thanks for the reference.

I’m trying to send the userid but I’m getting nothing.

I’m using the Zoom SDK C# Wrapper

                IUserInfoDotNetWrap user = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().

This user Id returns ok on this call, but when i’m trying to use the same userID on the API you refered allways return “User not exist”

Am I doing it wrong? And if so, where can i find the userId?

Hey @igor.lunarx,

From the docs:
Zero(0) indicates to get the information of the current user.


IUserInfoDotNetWrap user = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().

You can get a list of userIds from GET /users.

Although after looking at the response from GetUserByUserID it does not look like the profile picture is included.

You have to use a JWT or OAuth App type to call the GET /users/{userId} endpoint to get the pic_url.

Let me know if this helps!


In my case the attendees are not apart of my account. The “Get a Specific User”, can only get the data from the user who created the application, in this case myself.

Using Zoom we can see the picture of others attendees but we cant access via SDK or API those images?

Hey @igor.lunarx,

You could use an OAuth App Type to get an access_token to “Get a Specific User” info and profile photo.

Otherwise there is no way to get the picture of attendees outside your account via SDK or API.


I’ve tried this and only works with my own account. Is this the way its supposed to work?

If the user is a user outside your Zoom account, they can “Sign in with Zoom” in your application, then you can use the access_token generated to call GET /users/{userId} to get their photo. (You can pass in me instead of the userId to make things easier as well.)

Does that make sense?


Yes, that made some sense.

Sadly It won’t work for me. In my project is only one attendee is using the application.

In this case the other attendees won’t grant access to my application nor they are users apart of my account

That’s only this two ways to get their images?

Hey @igor.lunarx,

Sorry to hear it won’t work for your use case. Unfortunately, using the GET /users/{userId} endpoint is the only way to get a users profile picture.

Currently there is no interfaces in either C# wrapper or the Windows SDK to get the profile picture.


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