How to get participant photo

Hello , I am using Zoom Webhook ## POST meeting.participant_joined_waiting_room api Zoom API Events - Meeting , where in the event I am getting this data for the participant

  1. date_time: “2023-07-11T09:10:38Z”
  2. email: “”
  3. id: “”
  4. participant_uuid: “9ADD9D1D-0ADE-C66E-333E-79AB02A21F1C”
  5. user_id: “16787456”
  6. user_name: “Anahit Janoyan”

even if joined user is logged in in zoom account and have profile photo and email in his account , I am not getting email and photo in this api.

Is there any other api I can use to get the photo ?

Hi @sirarpi.manukyan ,

You won’t get the photo from that meeting event, but if the user participant is a user on your account or an account you have access to, you can use this endpoint to retrieve the pic_url value: GET /users/{userId}

Hi @gianni.zoom
Thank you for your answer, could you please clarify for me what does this means

  1. if the user participant is a user on your account (how I figure out if he is or not? , or how to have user in my account? )
  2. an account you have access to (access you mean have credentials or anything else? or will the user_id which I get from meeting.participant_joined_waiting_room api, work for GET /users/{userId})
    Thank you

Hi @sirarpi.manukyan ,

Please see this article for more info: Managing users - Zoom Support


  • Internal users are Zoom users that belong to your account.
  • External users are Zoom users that don’t belong to your account.
    “An account you have access to”, would be where external users fall in this context. For example, users how have installed a publish app you own that allows access to certain information like info from GET /users/{userId} :slight_smile:

The POST meeting.participant_joined_waiting_room API only returns the participant’s ID, name, and UUID. If you want to get the participant’s email and photo, you will need to use a different API.

One API that you can use is the GET userinfo API. This API returns information about a user, including their email address and profile photo URL.

The following is an example of how to use the GET userinfo API to get a participant’s email and photo:

curl -X GET

The response from the GET userinfo API will be a JSON object with the following fields:

  • email: The participant’s email address.
  • photo_url: The URL of the participant’s profile photo.

If the participant does not have a profile photo, the photo_url field will be empty.

Here is an example of the response from the GET userinfo API:

  "id": "16787456",
  "email": "",
  "name": "Anahit Janoyan",
  "photo_url": ""
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