Audio and Video issues


We are experiencing audio issues in our sessions. Sometimes audio of participants are garbled, its difficult to hear them clearly. Sometimes there is no audio for some users in session.

We are not able to reproduce it in our local lab. But sessions having more than 3-4 users have reported this.

Also i have noticed that when user join a room and video and audio is started initially there is lag in both video and audio which resolves after some seconds. It does not happens everytime.

For audio can you clarify, when does remote participants audio starts receiving.

  • When startAudio is called by self user(Joining user)?
  • OR when renderVideo() is called for remote participant?

We call startAudio when startVideo is finished and for safari we wait for encode and decode to get true. startAudio never show any errors.

Permission for devices are being taken before join is called.

Where sharedArrayBuffer is available we display max 3 users and a slider to switch between users view. And if sharedArrayBuffer is not available we just show one self video and 1 remote user with a slider. Meaning we call renderVideo for users which are in active screen. And when slider is moved we stopRendering previous user and start rendering new user.

Does not rendering video of a participant removes its audio too?

VideoSDK Web: v1.10.0
Mostly used browsers are chrome, safari and firefox.

Hi @rohit_zoom ,

Thanks for your question. To clarify, have you tied your call of startAudio() to a button click, to avoid auto-starting the audio?
Additionally, to answer your first point of clarification, audio is received when the startAudio function is called. To avoid automating the start of audio, we advise tying this function call to a button-click event.


Hi @rehema.zoom ,

we have not bind startAudio specifically to a button click.
But whole joining process is called from a button click.
Button click triggers a join call which subsequently call startVideo and startAudio.
And this i think should satisfy the requirement of user gesture for audio.

We show that button the first time page is mounted. Meaning joining video session through button click happen only first time when page gets mounted.

Any rejoin for example refreshing video connection after network connection error etc does perform these without button click.

Hey @rohit_zoom

Could you please share some session ids with issues? This would be helpful for us to analyze and troubleshoot the issue.


Hi @vic.yang ,
Sorry for late reply i was waiting for much recent sessions for this to happen.

Here are some sessions where audio is having issues:


Hey @rohit_zoom

We analyzed the sessions you provided.

The microphone capture in sessions 1, 2, and 4 may have some issues, possibly due to device issues or high CPU load at the time, leading to unclear audio.

In session 3, the user’s network connection to our server was unstable, which could result in issues with no audio.

Would you like to integrate client-side telemetry? We can obtain more detailed error information to help troubleshoot the issues.


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