Audio and Video lost after upgrading to the newest SDK

Everything in my apps works well until i upgrade the the newest SDK. My customers complain that the audio and video is lost. I try to run the app in Debug mode and I can see both audio & video works; but when i build Release mode, it disappeared.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
5.11.3 (4099)

I used the SDK for more than a year working well, but some days recently is a bad experience for me. Please help to check this issue and any guidance is appreciated.

Just tried several times again. Both audio & video lost even in Debug Mode.

  • (BOOL)showAttendeeVideoWithUserID:(NSUInteger)userID;

This still return true (for local video) while no video appears.

It’s not stable… I tried 10 times with 4 cases okay, the rest is not working

Hi there,

Please support on this issue. Thanks

Which view are you using? MobileRTCActiveVideoView or MobileRTCPreviewVideoView or MobileRTCVideoView?

try to use MobileRTCVideoView replace it

I use MobileRTCVideoView. Not sure why it’s not stable after i upgrade. Thanks.

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