Audio delay of two seconds

We are using the meeting SDK v2.13.0

We get frequent reports that there is an echo or audio delay on the call that makes it impossible to continue.
Having been on many calls and not experienced the issue it was difficult to understand what was happening.

Yesterday I was in a meeting that had an echo/audio delay. Approximately two seconds after I spoke my audio was played back to me.

This happened for two of the three participants, but the third participant did not have an echo/audio delay and could not hear the other participants’ delay.

I had not changed any microphone/speaker settings, so they were the same for multiple successful calls before and after this call.

I left and rejoined the call to see if the audio issue would go away. It remained.
I used the same link some hours later and other was no audio issue.

I can share screengrabs of the QoS reports and a video of the call where you can hear the audio.

Please can you investigate and tell us what we can do to stop this from happening?

This happens frequently enough for some users to ask us to use alternatives to Zoom.

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