Audio issues: audio gone / pitched / delayed

hi again,

just now i had an online meeting with several attendees (~10) with my websdk 1.7.7. remote sides
used different clients, i guess most of them windows native client.

local (=websdk 1.7.7) audio quality was always ok in the beginning, but about every 5 minutes audio was gone completely. meeting duration was about 30 minutes, so i had to do 5 or 6 reconnects.

as reported here, leaving computer audio + rejoining also worked for some minutes, with the same ‘audio gone’ problem again.

also, at least once the voice of the active speaker was pitched up for some time. after some seconds, the pitch was ok but therefore audio was late some seconds.

plz, we really need a fix or a way to debug this issues.


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Hi @harald.glanzer,

Can you provide us the meeting IDs so that our team can investigate?


Hi Michael this is also happing with our meetings. is really hurting our business we are testing with only two users using webSDK and the sound is really bad too much feedback, delay and eco.
Could you help us with a quick FIX or workaround. our company is in Jeopardy. this is a testing meeting ID 931 5617 8005

Hey @JuanLopez,

The best work around while we investigate the issue is to use the Zoom App instead. Just embed the join_url and start_url in your website which will open the Zoom App.


just the same problem:

  • websdk 1.7.7
  • meeting start 20th may 2020: 8:45 CET
  • 3 different attendees (including me)
  • ~8:53: one attendee’s voice was pitched down, some seconds later voice was normal again but audio was delayed
  • late audio persisted until meeting end (~9:00 CET)

i dont want to post the meeting id here, how can i pm you?

Hey @harald.glanzer,

You can send the meeting ID to Please include details and a link to this thread.

Also, you can check if there were network issues via the dashboard QOS or APIs.