Audio menu being clipped

Some of our users are experiencing an issue where the audio menu (next to the microphone icon) is clipped on the left side by the outer container. This does not happen for everyone and we have been unable to narrow down the exact configuration as other similar setups do not see the problem.

MacOS Catalina
Chrome (latest version)

Audio menu is clipped

Which version?
SDK version 1.6.1 or 1.7.0

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Launch the Zoom Web SDK sample app
  2. Join a meeting with “computer audio”
  3. Select the menu next to the microphone icon
  4. The menu is aligned too close to the left of the container and is partially cut off


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

Additional context
This happens in our integration as well as in the sample app.

Thanks @ansell for sharing this.

@JackYang can you take a look?


Any update on this? We have a couple of people for whom this is happening. Unfortunately, there is nothing particularly unique about their setup and they are at remote sites so I am unable to investigate the layout issues directly.

Hey @ansell,

We are currently investigating to see why this might be happening (ZOOM-133716).

This could possibly be related to a smaller screen size then what is optimal with the Web SDK.

I will keep you in the loop.


@ansell, we were facing the same issue earlier, later on we replaced the CSS which comes with SDK with the CSS present on CDN and the issue went away.

Adding the CDN links here for your reference
Importing CSS through CDN

Thanks for your help @nilesh.bunde!

@ansell let us know if this solution works!


Unfortunately, we are using the SDK via the CDN so I don’t think this is the solution for us.

Also, one of the people who was able to reproduce this did so on a stock sample code hosted on one of our machines.

Hey @ansell,

The suggested solution is with the CDN method.


Sorry, to clarify, the example code is hosted on one of our machines. It’s the CDN version of the sample code so the SDK and supporting files (including CSS) is coming from the CDN. You an inspect the content at the link in my previous message.

Thanks for the clarification @ansell,

We are working to fix the issue.