Audio suddenly stop reaching other participants

In an on going meeting, a participant audio suddenly stop reaching the other participant(s)
This was reported by one of the participant, and happened after 25 minutes this meeting was running.

It’s exactly the same symptoms as the already reported bug here.


  • There is no error (that we could monitor i mean)
  • The audio metrics looks correct on zoom console dashboard for that meeting
  • There is no disconnection for the participants

A way of “fixing” this is to leave audio by computer and re join audio by computer, or leave and re join the zoom meeting.

I have the meeting UUID of an example in case you need it for your investigations.
This is not a unique case, we have more and more of this reported (so hard to say if it was already happening but not reported before or not)

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Hard to reproduce as depending on the context and meeting duration.

Additional context
OS: windows 10
Browser: Chrome latest version

Hi @nvivot,

Thanks for reporting this in this thread as well. As Tommy mentioned here, our team is working to address this and it will be fixed in the next release.


Hi @will.zoom

Version 1.8.1 has been released.
When i asked to @tommy here he was not 100% sure if that issue would be fixed as well.

Does the 1.8.1 also includes a fix for this reported issue, or will it be addressed next release ?

Hey @nvivot,

We are working to fix this issue in a seperate, upcoming release.

I will keep you updated on this thread:


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Linking this related ticket:

We are investigating the issue. :slight_smile: