Audio does not work after successfully reconnecting and rejoining the meeting


Since our support ask us not to send them developers / technical bugs, i open this thread to report a bug we have for a while now. If you disagree with that please consult your support members internally and not us, and review the quality of support provided here for example.

When the user got disconnected during a meeting but was able to reconnect automatically without having to leave the meeting, the user audio would not work.
By not working this is what’s happening:

  • the audio join and audio is still activated on his zoom UI
  • the audio stream seems to be still recorded and visible on zoom meeting console (as sent but also as received for other participants)
  • but other participants do not hear him at all

Temporary workaround:
After the re-connection, the user has to click on Leave Audio > Join Audio by Computer every time to make the audio working again.

Additional light bug:
When such disconnection / re-connection happen, the user is flagged as “user left” on zoom meeting console dashboard, which is incorrect and should be detected & shown as “user disconnection / re-connection” instead to avoid confusion.

Which version?
Web SDK 1.7.10 and 1.8.0
Zoom Sample App

To Reproduce(If applicable)
You can reproduce it by using Zoom Sample App (Web SDK based) and applying the following steps:

  1. Computer A: Launch Zoom Sample App and join a meeting
  2. Computer B: Launch Zoom native client and join the same meeting as Computer A
  3. Computer A: Disconnect network connection (Switch to a different wifi, turn off then on the VPN, etc.)
  4. Computer A: Quickly reconnect network connection (Computer B user should stay in the meeting)
  5. Computer A: Try talking and make noise

Actual Result
Computer B user cannot hear Computer A user’s Audio

Expected Result
Computer A user’s audio should still work after reconnecting back

Need more data to investigate on specific case ?
We have a specific meeting where it recently happened, if you really need i can provide it (but since it’s reproducible on the demo app it should not)

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for reporting this. (CS-2308)

We will investigate the issue and work on a fix.


Thank you!

We are looking forward to a fix.

You are welcome!

I will keep you updated on the fix! :slight_smile:


Hey @nvivot,

This will be fixed in version 1.8.1. :slight_smile:


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Any idea about 1.8.1 release date ?

Hey @nvivot,

It will be released soon, stay updated here: