Cannot hear the other user's voice

Guest could hear host’s voice but the host couldn’t hear the guest’s voice.

Restarting the PC, reconnecting to meeting, creating new meeting did not solve the problem. They checked their audio using our own system checker tool but did not find any issues. The issue only happens when using the app with Zoom Web SDK. I notice audio data being sent and received by both users from the Zoom Dashboard.


Which version?
Web SDK v.1.8.1

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Web SDK v.1.8.1
  • Browser: Chrome

Additional context
Both users can see each other’s video. Some of our users are also encountering the same issue lately.

Hey @lfrancia,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will take a look and see what the root cause is, and fix it. :slight_smile: (CS-2519)


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I’m facing the same problem with Chrome on Mac and SDK version 1.8.1.
I’ve tried the same code with SDK version 1.7.8 and it works

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Hi @tommy,

Thank you as always and we really appreciate your help.

The number of users, who had not encountered this issue before, is increasing. I hope we can get a feedback about this asap.


Thanks for the additional info @lfrancia, @diego.dalbosco !

We are working on this.


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