Audio, video and chat suddenly stop to work

We got a report from a user having almost always the same issue by joining zoom meeting on our platform using the web SDK: After successfully joining and few minutes of meeting, his audio, video and chat stop to work.
So far, this user used our platform 4 times and got this problem for 3 of the meetings.
The user had to close our application, and re open it to re-join the meeting, sometime multiple times for the problem to be fixed.

I have checked zoom meeting metrics on zoom dashboard and everything looks OK, meaning that some data continue to be streamed through the opened sockets (for audio & video) even if on the user side it seems completely frozen. That’s why i’m thinking about a CPU load issue causing the zoom window to freeze and stop.

  • I have asked more information about the CPU consumption at the time it happened as i suspect a CPU freeze to happen but do not have the information yet. I will post it there when i have.
  • I’m sending you the zoom meeting IDs of the 4 related meetings. 1 of them is all OK, the 3 other ones the client got the problem.

Additional information
It’s not the first time such an issue (audio and/or video zoom component stop to work) is reported and almost all the time it’s for client having a CPU model with low base frequency with high frequency turbo mode.
Did you test the Web SDK (long enough) with such configuration ? Especially the 10th gen intel CPUs ?

The zoom frame seems to be completely frozen (still assumption)

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Client specific issue, may be related to the CPU used (?)

Device :

  • Device: Laptop
  • OS: Window 10
  • Browser: Chrome 86.0.4240.198
  • CPU model: i5-8250U

Hi @nvivot,

Thank you for reaching out about this and for providing these details. We’ve received the Meeting IDs you sent over, and I’ve just followed up with you via email. I will continue the investigation with you there.


Hi @will.zoom,

Thank you.

I will answer your questions sent by email here.
Since we are using the web SDK, you should not have any CPU monitoring since this is only working for your native clients if i am right ?
That’s also what makes this kind of investigation a bit tricky :s


Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for the update. Please continue to update @will.zoom in the email thread that he has started with you. This will allow him to troubleshoot the issue more quickly.


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