Meeting bad audio and bad video

Many users complain that when I am inside a meeting, from Zoom Web Client, within my application, with multiple participants (from 10 to 50), the sound feels “metallic” and intermittent, as indeed even the video.
If, the meeting is done using the Zoom app, the problem is not there.
What is this behavior due to?

Bad audio/video

Which version?
Zoom Web Client 1.7.5


  • OS: Windows, MacOs
  • Browser:Chrome
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Same problem here. We implemented the web sdk on our app ( our app uses a webview to load our website ), and if the people join a meeting through that implementation, people complain about “robot voice like” sound and sometimes video lagging. If they join using zoom app they have no problem.
It looks like a performance problem, since it some phones it happend and not in others, as if the sdk would consume all the resources of the phones.

Happened with zoom sdk 1.7.7

Hi @xcolme @nicola_quaglia,

Yes there is a known issue with audio and video. We are currently looking into this. Could you share the meeting IDs that were used so that we can investigate?


Hi @Michael_Purnell for example:

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

@Michael_Purnell some news?? I start to have complaints on the web platform.
Is there no way to pass username and password directly to the Zoom app in order to make autologin?

Hi @nicola_quaglia,

Thanks for providing us the Meeting IDs. We’re still investigating the issue with the audio and video quality. Can you elaborate on the autologin? You can pass the user name and password directly into the ZoomMtg.join function.

HI We are also using WEBSDK(1.7.7) to host meetings but the audio is really bad, is really hurting our business we are testing with only two users using webSDK and the sound is really bad too much feedback, delay and echo.
Could you help us with a quick FIX or workaround. our company is in Jeopardy. this is a testing meeting ID 931 5617 8005. Have found in forums that other people are having the same issues.


Hey @JuanLopez,

Please see the response to your post here:


Hi @Michael_Purnell @tommy,

This thread is talking about something very serious in Web SDK. I think everyone who is using Web SDK do have this problem. (If not, you will face it in near future)

I would say this is a BUG in Web SDK. :no_entry: I do not see the fix for this bug in future development road map for Web SDK. Why is that? :roll_eyes:

@tommy Your last response doesn’t make sense. We do not want to use Zoom App. OP has already mentioned about it and we clearly do not want to redirect our users to zoom application. If you encourage to do so, I’m just wondering what is the purpose of Web SDK at all? :face_with_monocle:

I assume whether the video lag is because Web SDK do not have buffering mechanism which causes video cut-offs? (I didn’t look into the Web SDK source code, I’m just assuming)

Guys DO NOT use Web SDK until this bug is fixed!!! (v1.7.8 have this issue)


Hi @jude.niroshan11,

We’re aware of the issue and already made improvements with the audio issues over the weekend by optimizing the JSLibrary media file to improve audio quality. If you’re using CDN not updates are needed.


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Thanks for a quick update. I am using library from NPM. I use CDN for CSS and Jquery links. So, the fix is waiting to be released on v1.7.9?

@jude.niroshan11 Yes, if you used the Local version or NPM version then you would have to wait until 1.7.9. We will continue to work with the Web Assembly team to improve the audio videos issues for meetings.

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@Michael_Purnell was the CDN updated for 1.7.7 or are we forced to upgrade to 1.7.8 now?

Could you also elaborate on the changes made to the JSLibrary exactly so we can correlate it to issues we see on our end? e.g. should we see just reduced CPU? better acoustic echo cancellation? etc

Hi @Michael_Purnell, I’ve been facing the same audio issues with the WebSDK (on a client’s set of accounts). We get a lot of issues when participants are using the computer audio. My integration uses the CDN and I upgraded it to 1.7.8 over the weekend. Does that mean that these audio upgrades are in place on the 1.7.8 version or would I need to change over my references to 1.7.9?

@stan_b Please upgrade to version 1.7.8 The audio echo issue is specific to meeting participants on speakers only as their audio might be filtered out as echo, in turn other meeting participants might not hear any incoming audio from them.

@freeholdsoftware - Yes, audio upgrades are already in place if you used the CDN for 1.7.8. If you used local version or npm then you would need to use 1.7.9.

@Michael_Purnell thanks, we are in the process of upgrading. Most of our issues are more along that echo cancellation isn’t working for those on speakers and causes endless feedback (something we don’t see on the native client as much) per the other thread: Acoustic Echo Cancellation?

We also get the metallic / low pitched voice as well.

Sounds like this update addressed something different than those issues, though.

Hey @stan_b,

Let us know if upgrading helped fix the issue.


Hi ,
Can i disable reCAPTCHA from my browser. As I am using in Iframe and its is asking reCAPTCHA and my client is not liking this option. insted maybe he will provide password.
Zoom is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Hey @sanat,

You cannot disable the Captcha from the Zoom Web Client. If you want a custom join experience, please use the Web SDK.


Web sdk always saying signature expire .

Could anyone guide me how to use ? My backend is in golang and UI is angular .

Sanat Saha